You know these were the first videos I uploaded on this account and I mainly intended for them to look cool. My channel has evolved so much since then. . . due mainly to the fact that I now put all of my emphasis towards the highest quality audio and a simple 1080p background image. I've thought about deleting these SAW 1 uploads many times, but people tend to enjoy them so I haven't. I even have a link to a higher quality upload at the beginning of each of these videos, but after spending a few days making it I still found a few problems after it was uploaded. For now I'm just gonna leave everything as it is but please check out my other uploads, especially the newer ones, before dismissing all of my content. I have many songs and playlists from several artists and they truly are HQ audio. Sorry for the rant and thanks for reading and listening!

Artist - Aphex Twin
Song - Heliosphan (Track 7)
Album - Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Year - 1992

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