A mash of who to look out for in the Flow Kommunity - we pick a bunch of the best videos of the week coming from our global traceur crews, showcasing some of the best new talent along with the guys that you love to see. Here's a taste of what's hot this week, don't forget to check out their full videos and share the love.

Clip 1: David Nelmes
Centuries - Freerunning

Clip 2: Fabio Santos - Capoeira Flow
Man On Fire - Capoeira

Clip 3: Take Flight
Parkour. Get Ready For Summer.

Clip 4: FRB Factory
FRB Factory | 4Elements Day of Tricks with VELLU SAARELA

Clip 5: Speeders Family
35% Speeders Family "Shanghai Kids" - Parkour & Freerunning

Clip6: Kevin Yern

Thanks to everyone who makes the Flow Kommunity what it is - keep uploading your runs to get picked for an upcoming video.
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