remix--original song by PROPHET- I WANNA BE YOUR MAN:::::

you said keep it short this is peach fuzz
contact, couple months, then we out
its nothing serious
yeah mama yeah mama
im daddy no im not
youre a lot of fucking problems
you gon’ prolly show true colors
by the time we tie the knot up
tyler tyler he got caught up
now they taking my ricotta
bunch of lawyers and ‘your honors’
i mean, its no mama
more father but my fanbase thats from goblin
dont believe me i been saying since 13 but they blinded
but whatever, im reminded
that i slightly got off topic
of this song, shit
shout out prophet ok
could you tell me how far in the future do you see us?
you can make decision while my lips graze on your peach fuzz
pull out the guitar and learn some new chords from anita baker
baker got some acres out the window when u wake up
im a fish sign my bday march and put its knee up
bunch of yes sergeants till we barge in on them tea cups
but guarantee that i will get my stripes just like adidas
nah we dont wear those its UNOs when we put feet up yeah


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