Email your fanfic to [email protected]

1 - what type of file should I send for the story?
Please include your story in the body of the email. Do not include any file attachments.

2- Will I be given credit on your channel?
Yes - your name will appear on screen in the video.

3- How long should the story be?
Please keep it to a maximum of three paragraphs. About 300 - 400 words total. Longer submissions will be skipped. It can be shorter than this too.

4- If I write fanfic do I have to animate it too?
No. You can do one or the other or both.

4a- will all fan fics below 3 paragraphs be included or just certain ones?
I would like to include as many as possible. It will depend on how many people submit. If it starts to be a large amount I may edit different stories together into the same story.

4b - can I record audio for my story instead of just writing it?
Sure. If you decide to do this please keep your story to one paragraph only and also include the written portion in the body of the email. Depending on how many I get I may not be able to include all of them.

4c- can I write / record / and animate the whole thing and just send you a finished cartoon?
Yes. Cartoons only. depending on how many I get I may not be able to include each one. Live action videos will not be considered. If you decide to do it this way please email a link to the above address by JULY 1ST.

5- Do I have to animate the entire video?
No. You can if you like. But you can animate whatever you want. The more the better. Just make sure you get it to me by the deadline.

5a- how will the ANIMATION part work? I have an animation question.
For now the best thing to do is subscribe to my second channel:

I'll post updates for animators on there over the coming week or so. Eventually I'll also post a video that details the animation collab part this will post after the stories have all been edited together and will post either on my main channel or my second channel. TBD

6- I want to do this but I'm not good at writing/animating.
What do I do?
Send something. The whole point of this is to give peeps a chance to be seen on YouTube. Nothing is good when you first start. That is how you get better. My first videos sucked and they are still posted online. Please please please. Send stuff If you want to send stuff. Don't tell yourself you can't do it because it sucks. You can do it if u believe in yourself.

7- What should the story be about?
It should include a park at night and I (Alex) also need to be in the story. besides that anything can happen. Try to include other characters from videos.

8- ANY TIPS ----------
Yes. Watch my old videos for ideas. Include other characters from my videos. Dabbin Dino, pickle dipper, chuck Paulson, Chloe, my dad, sister, Ben and beans. If you are able to work in characters the audience already knows the story will be really good.

Please include your YouTube username OR what name you would like me to use as your credit in the video.

9- can I send you fanmail instead?
P.O. Box 192022
Los Angeles, CA 90019

twitter: @itsalexclark
instagram: @itsalexclark
snapchat: @itsalexclark

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